Burn Research Center

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Burns Research Center


IUMS’ Burns Research Center was established in 2007 in order to research acuteand chronicburns, promote the status of burns in public health, represent modern therapy, and improve, prevent and rehabilitate burn patients through the proper use of traditional medicine.

In 2010, the Strategic Council of the Burns Research Center formed. Regular member meetings were held to approve research priorities, attract collaboration from other research centers and universities of the country, and formulate, adopt andimplement project plans.

Close collaboration and regular meetings were held with the Organ Transplant Research Center, Royan Institute, Stem Cell Institute, Amir Kabir PolymerTechnology Institute, Burns Research Center of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and other research centers around the country.

Major activities of this Center for preventing burns are finding new treatments for burns diseases, investigating the role of cells (especially stem cells) in the treatment of burn wounds, investigating the possibility of producing skin substitutes such as artificial skin, examining ways to facilitate the healing of second degree burns, finding newtreatment methodsfor deepburns,examining the social and psychological consequences of burn patients, and using traditional medicine to heal burns.


Research Groups:

Traditional Medicine, Stem cell, Modern Cast



-Establish the Clinical Burns Management Center for policy making to prevention and control (and also Rehabilitation) of burns in country.


Address : Motahari Burns Hospital, Yasemi St. Vali-Asr Ave, Vanak Sq. Tehran, IRAN.

Tel/ Fax : +98 (21) 88884275

Web site : http://brc.iums.ac.ir

Email : burncenter.iran@gmail.com



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